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Hello there, I'm Maggie Merle.

I held my first camera, a beginner point and shoot, in middle school. I started out just taking portraits of my family, of our everyday life. The most impacting moment was after taking a photo of my mom, seeing her face light up, and hearing the words "I've never loved a picture of me more". In college, I started using photography as an art, a way of processing my life. Photography is such a versatile medium and can be used so diversely: for families to hold onto their memories, to create a storyline to showcase how an experience feels, and for processing trauma and emotions. It can capture moments, share joy and sadness, create change, be a tool for companies to unite their brand, and more.

In the past 4 years, I've traveled to nine countries, and documented their beauty, delivered portraiture content for the University of South Carolina Admissions' prospective student brochures that went out to over a hundred thousand people, and captured moments for families, engaged couples, and expecting mothers. 

While I want to continue working in the tourism and portraiture sector, I would also love to start serving local businesses. Whether it is staff portraiture, product shoots, or company branding, I want to help you in creating an identity through visual media. 

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